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" Untying the Judging Knot " ~ ( Part IV )

Untying the Judging Knot 
Luke 6:36-38  
Copyright © 2004 Jeremy Myers

"Judge not lest you be judged不論斷人,免得你們被論斷。" ~ Part IV

           Do you see what mercy implies? God shows mercy upon us, and he wants us to show mercy on others. But mercy implies judgment. There can be no mercy if there are no judgments. Mercy can only be shown if a prior judgment has already been made. There is judgment without mercy, but there is no such thing as mercy without judgment. The showing of mercy implies that a previous judgment was made. And just as God shows mercy on those He judges, we are also to show mercy on those we judge. This is what verse 36 teaches. It is saying that when we judge, be merciful.


            So how can we be merciful? The best way to be merciful toward others is to remember one simple phrase. When you are tempted to look down, or be critical of others, just remember that the only reason you are not in their same situation is because of the grace and mercy of God upon you. The phrase I like to repeat to myself is "There, but for the grace of God, go I." All of us are sinners. One sin, no matter how small, is infinitely offensive to a righteous and holy God. God has every right to squash us under his thumb, or incinerate us with fire from heaven any time He wants. Or, he could take away our jobs, our health, our family, our money, our possessions, our sanity, and stick us in prison or in a sub standard way of living. Even that would be merciful because of our sinfulness. 

              But God, who is rich in mercy, lets us live where we do, and have the things we own, and keep the health we enjoy. When you see a young woman, addicted to drugs, living on the street, selling her body for the next hit, though you should judge her actions as wrong, be merciful and say, "There, but for the grace of God, go I." Such an attitude will enable you to help her rather than condemn her.  

              When someone cheats on his wife or becomes addicted to pornography, though you should judge his actions as sinful, be merciful and say,  " There, but for the grace of God, go I. " 


              God has a way of humbling us. When we unjustly judge, condemn and criticize others for their weaknesses and their failures, we often find that we fall into those exact same sins ourselves. You criticize someone else for being bad parents, and then your own children go astray. You criticize someone else for their marriage problems, and then you and your spouse get into a huge fight. When we are unmerciful in our judgment of others, God often causes the same exact things to happen to us, just to show us that we are not better than them. When you see someone else in sin, be merciful. It is only because of the mercy and grace of God upon you that you are not in the same situation as they. 
         上帝震撼我們人心的一種方式我們作不公正的判斷,自己的弱點而譴責和批評別人; 和他們的失敗中,我們經常發現,我們落入那些確切同樣的罪自己批評別人不好的父母,然後自己的孩子誤入歧途批評別人為他們的婚姻問題那麼你和你配偶進入巨大的思想鬥爭別人根據我們的判斷我們是不憐憫人的往往會導致完全相同的事情發生在我們身上只是向我們展示了我們是不是他們更好當你看到別人在罪中是仁慈的不僅是因為上帝對憐憫和恩典因為你是不是他們同樣的情況

This is what Jesus goes on to teach in verse 37. He teaches here that your judgments will come back to haunt you.


To be cont' d in Part V.

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