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STOP SLEEPING ..... !!! 


Do you know what is the problems with Americans today and its influences to the world via media today ??? Hollywood has produced too many movies and TV series on destructions of the world without providing the real solution ~ Jesus Christ is the only savior. The devils using those media to brainwashing non- believers minds.

Too many earth destruction movies, wars between America and Middle East. Even Indiana Jones acted on the story of Ark of Covenant but mentioned nothing about Jesus Christ came to save the people. The CSI movies, Fox Crimes, Law and crimes etc. etc teaching people about how to do evils (though they did not directly ask the viewers to do or follow) but just imagine how many criminals who learn the ideas from watching those movies so called the BEST movie of the year ! SO  SAD !!!! 

知道今天美國人的問題及其影響,通過世界今天媒體?好萊塢製作過多部電影和電視劇在世界毀滅,沒有提供真正的解決方案 耶穌基督是唯一的救世主。那些鬼魔使用非信徒心目中的媒體洗腦。


How many times prophecy, oracles from the Lord being released and guess how many times, the prophetic ministers was treated badly by the movie directors stealing God's idea and never bless " one single cent " to God's servant and those propheies was being used " Illegally ", they trespass the right and took for granted and make it like fairy tales and produce stories into movies and make huge amounts money out of it and spent in sinful ways, get famous, get drank etc etc. God is watching from high PATIENTLY. When His wrath came, people got frighten, stop for few months or couple of years, own sinful nature repossess them again ...... like nothing happened before and start doing all kinds of evils ......

      從主的聖言被釋放多少次預言,对預言先知處理的不好。 偷上帝的想法和從來沒有给“ 1 cent 或祝福神的僕人。那些”電影“董事,正在“非法”使用先知們的預言;随意侵入他人的權利,是理所當然的?!並使它像童話故事改編成電影和生產,大量的挥恍得使用金錢,花在罪惡的方式,得到著名了,吃喝玩乐等等。神是耐心高的看。當祂的怒氣时,人們嚇唬了,停幾個月或幾年,可是自己的罪惡本質再次收回他們......像什麼也沒有發生之前,又開始做各種邪惡.......

In Hollywood drama series and movies, I have personally watch some series , obviously the term " Face to Face " is being used commonly like never before !!! Does this nation still grant human right and mutual respect for mankind ..... or stepping on others to gain fame and temporary reputation ....... may God have mercy on the ministers and his children. Stand up for our God, voice up and stop the evils from penetrating into our life. The devils deserve hell fire and the righteous one deserve to be protected.

好萊塢劇集和電影,我都親自看一些系列,明顯的 “面對面” 已被常用。。。從未像現在這樣!這個國家是否仍給予人類的人權和相互尊重...... 或踩著別人來獲得暫時的知名度和美譽度。......願上帝憐憫

There are still many godly men and women who care about America and this nation because she has stand for  righteousness  for other nations before. And America has done many good things to help the poor countries. Today, America is a different nation. The people hear God's messages but their ears are deaf, they see things are happening around them but they are blinded, they are numd and become so used to that kind of environment and their hearts are harden, thanks to those movies, and those movies directors. If God's people still decided to sit still do nothing about these...... just wait and watch how horrible our God is going to deal with this nation.

仍然有許多虔誠的在乎美國與這個國家的男人和女人,因為她有为其他國家站在公義上。美國已經做了許多好事,如:幫助許多貧窮的國家。今日的美國是一個不同的國家。由於這些電影,這些電影董事們。。。人們聽不到神的消息,好難過!他們的耳朵是聾的! 他們看不到的事情都發生在他們周圍,因他們被蒙蔽,他們都麻木了,在那種環境下。。。他們的心已變硬了。

Above prophecy was being released and posted on facebook by Prophetess Cassandra Lai Fun Tze 
At September 16, 2013 at 9:01am

Below short video was published on 17 Sep 2013
Prophetic vision from a Prophet Kevin Mirasi regarding what is going to happen to United State of America. The America will be judged by God due to their sexual sins include homosexual, legalizing gay marriage, mass murder of innocent babies. The historical California earthquake and tsunami will cause mass damage to USA, and millions people are going to die from sudden destruction.

Watch this, and you'll know that we're in END TIMES! And these are ultimate signs of the RAPTURE. 

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Meeting with Nick Vujicic in person this morning at dream

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Encounter with angel while I was playing piano music of "Silent Night" at home

          Encounter with angel while I was playing piano music of "Silent Night" at home。
在家裡彈鋼琴音樂的 “平安夜”遇到的天使

         As I was playing " Silent night " and a few piano music pieces prior to this song, out of the sudden, I saw a huge figure like an angel appealed at our main entrance of our home. I called my husband who was busy ministering in facebook via internet. In the same spirit , my darling Prophet Benjamin also confirm that it was an angel who show his present. He was tall and white and bright even with bright sunshine.... huge and tall. Praise God.
        當我在玩 “平安夜” 和一些鋼琴音樂作品,這首歌曲之前,突然,我看到了一個巨大的身影在我們我們家的正門呼籲像一個天使。我打電話給我的丈夫是誰忙著通過互聯網在facebook事奉。本著同樣的精神,我親愛的先知刘世平也證實,這是誰的天使顯示他的禮物。他身材高大,又白又亮,即使在明亮的陽光......巨大的高大。讚美上帝。

And the Lord spoke ..... Matthew 28 : 18 - 20

"  All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of Son and of the Holy Spirit, ad teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. "

和主說話.....馬太福音28:18 - 20
18 耶稣上前对门徒说:“天上地下所有的权柄都交给我了。 19 所以,你们要去使万民做我的门徒,奉父、子、圣灵的名给他们施洗, 20 教导他们遵守我吩咐你们的一切。记住,我必常与你们同在,一直到世界的末了。”

Praise the Lord, HALLELUJAH !!!!
讚美主,哈利路亞 !!!!


This is a reply from a Prophetic intercessor from another network :"Linked In" :

Dear Cassandra,
Praise the Lord. Encounter and fellowship in the supernatural and angelic ministry is a 

natural occurrence in my life and ministry.

The angel that visited you is a Seraph, one of the holy ones that stand in the presence of 

You shall have another visitation very soon in another dimension and you will be imparted 

with the grace of knowledge into anointed holy songs.


Bishop Ajose

Prophetic Intercessor

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"Untying the Judging Knot 解開評審結" ~ ( Final 結局 Part V III )

Untying the Judging Knot 
Luke 6:36-38
Copyright © 2004 Jeremy Myers 

" Judge not lest you be judged.

Final Part VIII 結局

In verse 38, Christ uses some marketplace terminology to illustrate what He is teaching. 
William Hendriksen writes,


The underlying symbolism is that of the Near East grain market, but similar conditions are found all over the world. Anyone who had had anything to do with the sale of grains, fruits, or vegetables knows that a bushel loosely filled contains far less produce than one in which the grain or other agricultural products have been pressed down, shaken together, and added to until they run over the edge of the container.

In the context of judging others, this picture is of how God will judge us in relation to how we judged others.
In saying, "Judge not, lest you be judged" Jesus has actually taught us how to judge correctly. Jesus himself judged others, as did many Godly men and women throughout the Bible. There is a whole book of the Bible devoted to some of the human judges.  If you want to judge justly, judge as Jesus judged. He came to this earth , not to condemn but to save. He came to walk in our shoes for a while. When someone is doing something sinful, try to put yourself in their shoes. Try to imagine what it would be like to be them. Try to understand what the attitude and motive of their heart is. Try to understand the circumstances in life that led them to their actions.


Then pray. Pray to see the person through God's eyes. Pray that you may look upon them with tears of sorrow, not tears of anger. Jesus, when He looked upon the rebellious city of Jerusalem full of people living in hypocrisy and sin, he did not get angry. Instead, He wept.
Judging others as God judges others will lead us to tears, not to anger. In college, Wendy went on a short-term missions trip to Amsterdam. As most of you might know, Amsterdam is famous for it’s "Red Light District." She and some friends walked through it one night to get to where they were staying.  At first, she didn't really know exactly what to think of all the prostitutes and sexual perversions that were taking place all around her. She says that her first instinct was revulsion. But as she prayed, her response changed.  When she looked into the eyes of one of the many prostitutes lining the streets, Wendy saw only fear, sorrow and pain. In that instant, Wendy realized how lost these poor girls really were. It was not all their fault they were in that horrible situation. The revulsion melted away. The outrage vanished. The disgust was replaced by love and sorrow.  Here she was, in one of the most sinful places on planet earth, and she felt only grief and sorrow for the lost and dying women all around her.


Notice that Wendy did make a judgment. What was going on was terribly wrong and terribly sinful. She condemned the sin of prostitution. But she did not condemn the person. She loved the person. She saw the prostitutes as young girls enslaved to sin. It has them locked up in the dark chains of perversion and guilt. Wendy, in praying to see those prostitutes as God sees them, was able to condemn and judge the sin, but love the person. This is how to judge correctly.
Is abortion wrong? Yes. Is homosexuality wrong? Yes. Is adultery wrong? Yes. Is addiction to drugs, alcohol and food wrong? Yes. But we do not condemn the people who are enslaved to these sins. Instead, having made a right judgment about the wrongness of these sins, we can now made right decisions about how to free these people from the sin that enslaves them.
People say, "Do not judge, lest you be judged." Although this is what Christ seems to say, in context it becomes very clear what He is truly teaching. He is saying that we must not fail to judge, for people's lives are at stake.




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"Untying the Judging Knot 解開評審結" ~ ( Part V I )

                                         Untying the Judging Knot 
Luke 6:36-38
Copyright © 2004 Jeremy Myers

"Judge not lest you be judged
~ Part VI

           It is not unloving for a doctor to point out what is wrong with your body so that you can get better. Nor is it unloving for a pastor, or the elders, or another Christian to point out sin in the body so that it can get better. When Christ says do not judge, He means do not judge incorrectly. When He says, do not condemn, He means do not condemn unjustly. This is in full agreement with the rest of Scripture.   

           First, don't be self-righteous. Don't be hypocritical. I have already mentioned this a bit but when we call the actions of someone else sinful, or the teachings of someone else false, we must always recognize that the only reason we have not fallen into the same sin or the same error is because God's grace has kept us from it.
             一個醫生指出什麼是錯的不代表他沒有愛心,他讓你可以與你的身體得到更好的。也不是沒有愛心的當一個牧師或長老,或另一個基督教指出罪,以便它可以在體內得到更好的。當基督說:“不要論斷”, 他的意思是不正確判斷。當他說,“不譴責”,他的意思是不要不公正的譴責。這是與聖經其餘的完全同意。


           We can never know the circumstances in life which led a person to commit a sin which we condemn. We may condemn someone for being an alcoholic. And being addicted to alcohol truly is sin. But what if the only reason that person became alcoholic is because all in the same month, he lost his job, his wife died in a car accident, his son fell off a cliff and broke his neck, and his house burned to the ground? If all of these things happened to me in the same month, I might turn to alcohol too. Which is why I am grateful God has not allowed all of these things to happen to me. There, but for the grace of God, go I. It is not my righteousness that has kept me from such sin, but the grace of God. We must not be self-righteous or hypocritical. We must always recognize that we are most often blind to our own sin. We must never think that we ourselves are free from sin. Our lives will never be perfect this side of heaven.

            So when you judge, when you condemn, do not do it with an attitude of superiority, like you've got it all figured out. You don't. You are just another servant of God struggling with the same temptations and same uncertainties trying to help another brother or sister down the path.

           Because of this, it is always wise to look to your own heart and life before pointing out the sin in someone else's life. Jesus teaches more about this in verses 39-42 where he talks about the blind leading the blind and removing a speck out of your brother's eye when you have a plank in your own. I have also found that the sin I find most evident in the life of others is often the same sin I struggle with in my own life. So the first guideline in judging others correctly is to not be self-righteous.


          The second principle is to remember that it is only God who sees the inward motive of the heart. You only see the outward actions. We can only judge by appearances. It is God alone who knows the heart. Let's say you leave church today, and as you go out the door, you see a friend of yours quickly tuck a beer can inside his coat. You think, "Wow, he must have a problem with alcohol. First, he's trying to hide the fact that he's drinking. Second, he's drinking at church. I better go confront him."

         But what actually happened was that as he left church, he saw an empty beer can on the ground. He wanted to improve the way the parking lot looked, so he picked up. Since there aren't any garbage cans out there, he put the empty can inside his coat to throw it out later. Always give people the benefit of the doubt. When someone hurts or disappoints you, very rarely are they doing it intentionally. I know this has been true in my own life. There have been times when someone in church, or my wife Wendy, comes up to me and says, "You know, what you said really hurt." All of these times, it is only because of my ignorance and failure to think of others that I did what I did. I was not trying to hurt or offend them. But that is the way it was perceived.
           但是,究竟發生了什麼,當他離開了教堂,他看到了一個空的啤酒可以在地面上。他想,以改善停車場,於是他拿起那空的啤酒。由於沒有任何垃圾桶,他把空罐子放进他自个的外套裡面。總能給他人的利益,毫無疑問。當有人傷害了你,使你失望; 很少是他們這樣做是故意。我知道因为我自己的历经生活。曾經有段時間,當有人在教堂裡,我的妻子溫迪,來給我說,“你知道嗎,你說的话,真的很傷了我。” 所有這些時間,這不僅是因為我的無知和不想到別人,我所做的。我並不想傷害或冒犯他們。但是,這是它是这样被察覺,感知的。

          To keep ourselves from judging unjustly, always give people the benefit of the doubt. Do not judge the motives of other people. "The only thing we can do is evaluate what is done and see if it is consistent with the Word of God." Who are we to judge another servant of God? To his own Master, he stands or falls (Rom. 14:4). Jesus says, "Don't judge." In context, He's saying, "Don't judge self-righteously. Don't judge the motives." We seldom have all the facts. God alone is qualified to judge justly. And He will judge. One day, every person will be judged. Even us. And we will be judged according to the same standards we used in judging others.

           Therefore, we must be merciful, as verse Luke 6:36 taught, and be generous, as verse 38 goes on to say.
           為了保持自己的判斷不公正,總是給人們造福的疑問。不要判斷別人的動機。 “我們唯一可以做的是評估做了什麼,看它是否符合神的話語。” “你是誰,竟然批評別人的家僕呢?他或站穩或跌倒,只和自己的主人有關;但他必定站穩,因為主能夠使他站穩。” ~ 羅馬書(14:4)。耶穌說:“你們不要論斷人。” 在上下文中,他說,“ 你們不要論斷人自以為是,不要判斷的動機。” 我們很少有所有的事實。只有上帝有資格評判公正。他會判斷。有一天,每個人都會加以判斷。即使我們將根據我們在評判他人使用相同的標準來判斷。

           因此,我們必須是仁慈的,Luke 636節 的教導,大方,第38節接著說。

 To be cont'd in part VII

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" Untying the Judging Knot " ~ ( Part IV )

Untying the Judging Knot 
Luke 6:36-38  
Copyright © 2004 Jeremy Myers

"Judge not lest you be judged不論斷人,免得你們被論斷。" ~ Part IV

           Do you see what mercy implies? God shows mercy upon us, and he wants us to show mercy on others. But mercy implies judgment. There can be no mercy if there are no judgments. Mercy can only be shown if a prior judgment has already been made. There is judgment without mercy, but there is no such thing as mercy without judgment. The showing of mercy implies that a previous judgment was made. And just as God shows mercy on those He judges, we are also to show mercy on those we judge. This is what verse 36 teaches. It is saying that when we judge, be merciful.


            So how can we be merciful? The best way to be merciful toward others is to remember one simple phrase. When you are tempted to look down, or be critical of others, just remember that the only reason you are not in their same situation is because of the grace and mercy of God upon you. The phrase I like to repeat to myself is "There, but for the grace of God, go I." All of us are sinners. One sin, no matter how small, is infinitely offensive to a righteous and holy God. God has every right to squash us under his thumb, or incinerate us with fire from heaven any time He wants. Or, he could take away our jobs, our health, our family, our money, our possessions, our sanity, and stick us in prison or in a sub standard way of living. Even that would be merciful because of our sinfulness. 

              But God, who is rich in mercy, lets us live where we do, and have the things we own, and keep the health we enjoy. When you see a young woman, addicted to drugs, living on the street, selling her body for the next hit, though you should judge her actions as wrong, be merciful and say, "There, but for the grace of God, go I." Such an attitude will enable you to help her rather than condemn her.  

              When someone cheats on his wife or becomes addicted to pornography, though you should judge his actions as sinful, be merciful and say,  " There, but for the grace of God, go I. " 


              God has a way of humbling us. When we unjustly judge, condemn and criticize others for their weaknesses and their failures, we often find that we fall into those exact same sins ourselves. You criticize someone else for being bad parents, and then your own children go astray. You criticize someone else for their marriage problems, and then you and your spouse get into a huge fight. When we are unmerciful in our judgment of others, God often causes the same exact things to happen to us, just to show us that we are not better than them. When you see someone else in sin, be merciful. It is only because of the mercy and grace of God upon you that you are not in the same situation as they. 
         上帝震撼我們人心的一種方式我們作不公正的判斷,自己的弱點而譴責和批評別人; 和他們的失敗中,我們經常發現,我們落入那些確切同樣的罪自己批評別人不好的父母,然後自己的孩子誤入歧途批評別人為他們的婚姻問題那麼你和你配偶進入巨大的思想鬥爭別人根據我們的判斷我們是不憐憫人的往往會導致完全相同的事情發生在我們身上只是向我們展示了我們是不是他們更好當你看到別人在罪中是仁慈的不僅是因為上帝對憐憫和恩典因為你是不是他們同樣的情況

This is what Jesus goes on to teach in verse 37. He teaches here that your judgments will come back to haunt you.


To be cont' d in Part V.

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Untying the Judging Knot ( Part II )

  Untying the Judging Knot
                                                   Luke 6:36-38
                                                                 Copyright © 2004 Jeremy Myers

“Judge not lest you be judged.
不論斷人,免得你們被論斷。” ~ Part II

          Scripture is full of instructions about the duty we have as Christians to judge others. We are to judge between truth and error, right and wrong. We are to carry out a judging and restoration process when another Christian falls into sin. Scripture is very clear. We must judge. Biblical, the one thing we must not do is not judge.

          What then are we to make of Christ's statement in Luke 6:37 about not judging others? He says, "Judge not, and you shall not be judged." The world loves to quote this verse. Even Christians love to quote this verse to one another in the name of love and tolerance. But could it be that in light of what the rest of the Bible says, the world, and even many Christians, have a terribly incorrect view of what Christ is actually teaching? This must be the case. Either that, or Jesus contradicts the Bible. We all know that the Bible never contradicts itself, and Jesus, being God, never contradicts the Bible either.


          那麼什麼是我們不判斷他人在路加福音6:37基督的聲明嗎?他說,“裁判不,你不能判斷。” 世界愛引用這節經文。即使基督徒喜歡引用這節經文彼此的愛和寬容的名義。但可能是在其餘的 “聖經” 說什麼,這個世界,甚至許多基督徒,有一個可怕的錯誤基督實際上是教導?這必須是這種情況。要么,是或耶穌違背了聖經。我們都知道,“聖經” 是不矛盾的本身,耶穌,上帝,從來沒有違背 “聖經” 的。

           So how are we to understand Christ's words in Luke 6:37? Jesus says, "Don't judge." The rest of the Bible says, "Do judge." How can we make sense of this? One of the keys is to remember the context of Christ's words. Nobody likes to be quoted out of context, but it probably happens to Jesus more than anybody else in all of history. To understand what Jesus is saying, we must look at the context of his words.
           那麼,我們是如何理解基督的話在路加福音6:37?耶穌說:“你們不要論斷人。”其餘的 “聖經” 說;“
必須判斷。”  我們怎樣才能使道理呢?其關鍵之一是要記住的背景下,基督的話。沒有人喜歡被斷章取義,但它可能發生在耶穌比其他人多在所有的歷史。至明白耶穌說,我們必須正視的背景下,祂的話語。

            Luke 6:37 is found in the middle of his discipleship manual. If you think you are a follower of Jesus Christ, Jesus lays out for you here in Luke 6 (and in Matthew 5-7 in much more detail) exactly what you should be doing. Christian churches around the world are full of Christians, but few who act like Christians. There are lots of believers, but few disciples. If you think you are a follower of Christ, you had better take note of what Christ says in Luke 6.  This sermon in Luke 6 is all about our attitude. Verses 20-26 concern out attitude in our circumstances. We are to trust God in all of our circumstances. Verses 27-38, the section we are concluding here, is all about our attitude toward others. The true disciple of Jesus Christ loves others. Christ gave us three exhortations to loving others, three examples on how to love others, and then he closes with three standards of love. There is the human standard and the divine standard in verses 31-36, and then the judgment standard in verses 36-38. It is this third standard of love, judging others, that is found in these verses.

            路加福音6:37被發現在其中部,有門徒訓練手冊。如果你認為你是一個耶穌基督的追隨者,耶穌規定了在這裡為你在路加福音6(馬修5-7更詳細)正是你應該做的事情。基督教世界各地的教會是基督徒,但幾個像基督徒。有很多的信徒,但幾個徒弟。如果你認為你是基督的追隨者,你可要留意基督說什麼在路加福音6。這在路加福音6講道是所有關於我們的態度。 20-26節出在我們的情況下的態度的關注。我們相信神在所有我們的情況。第27-38節,節中,我們在這裡總結,是所有關於我們對待他人的態度。真正耶穌基督的門徒,愛他人。基督給了我們三個囑託,愛他人,如何去愛別人的三個例子,然後他關閉與3個標準的愛情。有人類的標準和神聖的標準在31-36節,然後在36-38節的評判標準。正是這種愛,第三個標準評判他人,被發現在這些經文。

To be cont'd in Part III.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Souls saving missions led by the Holy Spirit

Souls saving missions led by the Holy Spirit

 It was an awesome mission field day ( 2nd of July ) , doing God's work in the hospital with my love one. I believe many souls have been touch by my LORD.

We managed to reach home just before midnight. Many Muslims (including the nurses in the hospital received a gospel booklets from me, I pray that as they read the booklets, they will open their eyes, ears and heart. And it is my prayers that they accept Christ after reading those materials. We also shared and care for people on the buses too. 
Praise God for the leading of the Holy Spirit, and I got some free time sitting at one of the Grand piano at Chambers of music in town and play some of my favorite music pieces too !!!!Yes, indeed, It is such a joy to save souls.  On my birthday last month, as my husband spent me to a good Japanese lunch, I was led to share gospel and pray the sinner prayer with the  restaurant manager and led him to Christ , on the spot, it was so great !!!  It was one of the best birthday I have enjoyed.
God has called us as His fisher of man, remember my previous posting on Eagle Analogy : Eagles are a symbol of prophetic ministers like both my husband and I. It mentioned eagle is the master of fish-catcher.

As prophet or prophetess saving souls, we walk with holy spirit and we only go to places where God led us to. And many time, when we pray and sense the spirit leading, and on the precise timing the soul being saved.

I have experiencing leading soul to Christ by walking on the street toward Sunday morning worship. On the train, at the shopping mall etc.,  ha ha ha it is fun when you are guide by Holy Spirit .

ALL glory unto our God.


Monday, July 1, 2013



Y O U R   W O R D S.


Y O U R   B E H A V I O R.


Y O U R   H A B I T S.


Y O U R   V A L U E S.


Y O U R   D E S T I N Y.


Friday, May 24, 2013

@ 一對腳印 Footprints @

一對腳印 Footprints


                     我看到只有一對腳印 ......

One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord.
             Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.
                  In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.
                       Sometimes there were two sets of footprints,
                           other times there were one set of footprints.

                                  This bothered me because I noticed
                                that during the low periods of my life,
                             when I was suffering from
                         anguish, sorrow or defeat,
                     I could see only one set of footprints ......



的主 ~ 

So I said to the Lord,
      "You promised me Lord,
         that if I followed you,
             you would walk with me always.
                   But I have noticed that during
                          the most trying periods of my life
                                 there have only been one
                                       set of footprints in the sand.
                                           Why, when I needed you most,
                                          you have not been there for me?"

                                 The Lord replied,
                          "The times when you have
                  seen only one set of footprints,
          is when I carried you."

Author : unknown