Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Marriage ~ a long lasting relationship " 婚姻〜一個長期持久的關係 "

 " Marriage ~ a long lasting relationship " 

        Marriage is about two souls, lovers decided to live together and via wedding ceremony they announcing to all people surround them that both have decide to love one another, care for each other and take care of one another till death only apart.
      " 婚姻 " 就是一種兩個相愛的人決定住在一起,並通過婚禮儀式,宣布他們所有的人圍繞著他們兩人都決定要彼此相愛互相關心照顧彼此至死不渝只能分開。

       As for many people, marriage is a " MAJOR " decision in life.

      I remember more than 8 years ago, during his marriage proposal i.e. before I agreed to marry my beloved husband ;  I tested his love toward me by asking him one question .......

     "If one day, I grown old, no more teeth, no more beautiful and attractive as now, my hair grown grey and turning white...... etc will you still love me as much as you telling me you love me now ??? ", I wanted to be assure that I was going to marry to a man who can love me even when I'll be ugly or old.
        “如果有一天垂垂老矣沒有了牙齒沒有現在一樣美麗吸引力我的頭髮變白......你還愛我就像你現在告訴我” ???“我想確保自己的決定嫁給一個男人能够愛我白頭到,即使將会是又老、又醜的

       And my beloved one, Benjamin Liu answered, " YES ! I will. "

Ed Ames - " My Cup Runneth Over "

On coming 18th of Jan. 2015, we are going into our 9th years wedding anniversary.

Saturday, November 8, 2014



        We have learned how the old heart is conceived and developed, and that it forms the basis of who we are. Now we will take a look at it from another angle. We all have a natural heart, but not many have new hearts that they have received from God. In the natural realm, when a surgeon says that a heart transplant is necessary, it is a matter of life and death.

 The new heart brings new warfare 
because the enemy wants to keep you 
bound and ineffective.
      This the same in the spiritual realm. God has already said that the heart " is exceedingly perverse and corrupt and severely, mortally sick! Who can know it [perceive, understand, be acquainted with his own heart and mind]? " (Jeremiah 17:9). We desperately need a spiritual heart transplant!

       God has already provided a Donor for all who desire to under go this vital procedure. The heart that rested inside of JESUS is available for transplant into your life. It is a heart of power. Jesus' heart came with an eternal assignment --- and when we receive His heart, we receive our part of that mission. But just as the person who receives a transplanted natural heart must engage in a fight to keep his or her body from rejecting  
 that transplanted heart, so too the enemy fights us tooth-and -nail to try to make us reject our new heart. He knows that the only way he can delay or cause us to abort our divine assignment is to cause us to reject our new heart. The new heart brings new warfare because the enemy wants to keep you bound and ineffective.

 The new heart sets us free,
dresses us for battle and puts us
right back into active duty.
      Whether you realized it or not, there has always been a battle for your soul. Sadly, many of us have functioned like prisoners of war (POW). Stripped of our weapons and uniforms, the enemy has chained us and thrown us into a pit of bondage. There is little to no food (Word) there, and there is definitely no rest. The enemy's cruel forced labor drains every ounce of your strength. The new heart sets us free, dresses us for battle and puts us right back into active duty.
       Some spiritual POWs never overcome the trauma of war. Even after they have been rescued and brought back home, their minds torment them with refuns of what used to be. Though they have been set free, they are spiritually paralyzed. Through torment and deception, the enemy has disabled them. They do not even try to walk in their new found freedom. They need a new heart -- just like the generation of Israelites who died in the wilderness because they were afraid to obey God's voice ( Num. 32:13).
Derived from
"Matters of the HEART"
Writer : Juanita Bynum, Ph.D.