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“ Love ” ~ the greatest things in the world (III) " 爱 "在世界上最偉大的事情 ( III )

“ Love ” ~ the greatest things in the world 
" 爱 "在世界上最偉大的事情 ( III )
By Henry Drummond

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The nine Aspects of " Love "
“愛” 的九方面


              Love does not envy. This is love which competes with others. Wherever you attempt a good work, you will find others doing the same kind of work and probably doing it better. Do not envy them. Envy  is an ill feeling toward those who are in the same line as ourselves. Even doing " God's work" is little protection against harboring this most ungodly feeling. That most despicable of all the moods that cloud a Christians's soul assuredly waits for us on the threshold of every work unless we are fortified with this grace of magnanimity.


Love Is the Noblest Desire of ALL

KINDNESS ~ Love is kind


               Having learned all that, you will have to learn one thing more : to put a seal upon our lips and forget what you have done. After love has done its work, go back into the shade and say nothing about it. Love revels not in itself. Love waives adoration. " Love is not puffed up."

             既然已經了解了這一切,你必須要學會一件事:把我們的嘴唇封住忘記你做了什麼。的愛已經完成了它的工作後,返回到在陰涼處,並說一無所知。愛情本身不陶醉。愛放棄崇拜。 “愛是不張狂了。”


               This attribute here is love in relation to etiquette. The secret to love is being polite - love cannot behave otherwise. The most uncultured person, if he or she has love stored up in the heart, will not behave unseemly.

             此屬性在這裡是禮儀的愛。愛的秘密是懂禮貌 - 愛否則不能表現。最沒有文化的人,如果他或她有愛的心臟存儲,不會表現不當的。

              Thomas Carlyle said there was no truer gentleman in Europe than Robert Burns, the plough man poet. It was because he loved everything - from the mouse to the daisy; all things great and small that God had made. And with this simple passport be could mingle freely with any society, and enter courts and palaces from his humble cottage. And that is the whole art and mystery of it. A gentleman will not do ungentle things. And the gentle soul, the considerate, sympathetic nature cannot do anything else.

           托马斯·卡莱尔说,犁人诗人罗伯特·伯恩斯在欧洲比有没有真实的绅士。这是因为他所爱的一切 - 从鼠标到菊花“,所有大小事都神了。用这个简单的护照可以自由地与任何社会,和混合进入法院和宫殿,从他简陋的小屋。这是整个艺术和神秘。一位绅士不会做低微的事情。和温柔的灵魂,善解人意,有同情心的性质不能做任何事情。


         "Love seeks not her own." In many countries the average citizen is devoted, and rightly so, to his or her rights. But there come times when a person may exercise the even higher right of giving up his or rights. Yet Paul does not summon us to give our rights. Love strikes much deeper.

          " Do you seek great things for yourself ?" asked the prophet. "Seek them not." Why? Because there is no greatness in things. There is no lasting joy acquiring things. Unfortunately, half of world is in hot pursuit of the wrong scent. He that would be great among you, said Jesus, let him serve. It is more blessed to give than to receive.


          “你寻求自己的伟大的事情?”问先知。 “他们不求。”为什么呢?因为没有伟大的事情。有没有持久的喜悦收购的东西。但不幸的是,一半的世界是在炎热的追求错误的香味。那将是巨大的,耶稣说,你们中间,让他担任。这是施比受更为有福。

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“ Love ” ~ the greatest things in the world (II) " 爱 "在世界上最偉大的事情 ( II )

“ Love ” ~ the greatest things in the world 
" 爱 "在世界上最偉大的事情 ( II )
By Henry Drummond

The nine Aspects of " Love "
“愛” 的九方面


       The attitude of love is passive, love waits to begin ~ does not hurry; it is calm; it is ready to its work when the call comes but meanwhile wearing the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit.  " Love " suffers long, bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and therefore waits.

       愛 ~的態度是被動的,愛等待開始〜並不著急,它是平靜的,它的工作是準備當呼叫進來,但同時佩戴的裝飾品,一個溫柔安靜的靈。 “愛是恆久忍耐,包容一切,相信所有的事情,希望所有的事情,並因此等待。


        Active love. Notice how much time Jesus spent simply doing kind things? Study his life and you will see that He spent a great portion of His time simply encouraging people, doing good deeds for people. God has put within our power the ability to bring encouragement to those around us.

       "The greatest thing a man can do for his heavenly Father," someone once said, " is to be kind to some of His other children." I wonder why we are not all kinder than we are. How much the world needs it. How easily it is done. How quickly it responds.

         Love ~ rewards itself - there is no debtor in the world so honorable as love.  
         Love never fails. 
         Love is success; 
         love is happiness; 
         love is life. 

 Robert Browning said it well: "Love is the energy of life."




           “一個人可以做他天父最偉大的事情,” 有人曾經說過,“是種一些他的其他孩子。”我不知道為什麼我們是不是比我們所有仁慈。世界需要多少。如何輕鬆地就完成了。如何快速作出響應。

         愛〜的回報 - 在世界上是沒有債務人,所以尊貴的愛。



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” Love “~ the greatest things in the world (I) " 爱 "在世界上最偉大的事情 (I)

 Love  ~ the greatest things in the world 
" 爱 "在世界上最偉大的事情
By Henry Drummond

Part (I)

FAITH , HOPE, LOVE (信,望,愛)

         SINCE TIME BEGAN many people have believed that the greatest of all virtues in the spiritual realm is faith. The apostle Paul taught that if you may have enough faith to move a mountain, yet do not have love, you are nothing. Peter encourages us to love one another deeply. And John put it this way, simply : " GOD IS LOVE." 


The Secret of a fulfilled Life.一個充實的人生的秘密。---> " LOVE "

         "If I have faith so that I can move mountains and have not love. I am nothing. " Paul's words pierce because we've all felt the sting of words without sincerity and eloquence without love.
          Love is far greater than charity because you can have charity without love. Give a coin to a beggar, and ease your conscience - but if we truly loved them we would either do more or less. 

          “如果我有信心,這樣我可以移山,卻沒有愛。我什麼都沒有。” 保羅的話刺穿,因為我們已經沒有愛的沒有誠意和口才都覺得刺痛的話。
          愛是遠遠大於慈善事業的,沒有愛,因為你可以有慈善機構。舉一個硬幣給乞丐,緩解你的良心 - 但如果我們真的愛他們,我們會做更多或更少。

         Paul contrasts love with sacrifice. The would be missionary will do well to remember that though you die a martyr, yet have not love, your death would be in vain !
           You may struggle to learn another language, but when you reach your country of destination, love , the universal language, will pour forth unconsciously. In Africa, I encountered men and women who remembered the only white man they have ever seen before David Livingstone; and as you traced his footsteps there, men's faces lit up as they spoke of the kind doctor who passed through there. They could not understand him, but they felt the love that beat in his heart.

         " Love " is endowed with the power to rouse the hearts of men and women everywhere to lofty purposes. Take love into your vocation and your lifework will succeed. It's not worth doing if you take anything less. You may achieve every accomplishment, and yet miss love. 
        “愛 ”賦予的權力,喚醒心中的男性和女性世界各地的崇高宗旨。以愛為你的職業和你的畢生的事業一定會成功。這是不值得做的,如果你拿任何東西少。您可以實現每一個成就,但錯過的是 ~愛。


          Paul portrays “ Love ” as a life as a light. Watch a beam of light pass through a crystal prism and you see it emerge on the other side revealing its various colors : red, blue, yellow, violet, orange ~ The colors of rainbow. Paul passes this thing called love though the magnificent prism of his inspired intellect, and it emerges revealing its characteristics.

       羅描繪的 “愛 ” 像一個生命的。通光光束通過水晶棱鏡觀看,你會看到它出現在另一邊,展現其不同的顏色:紅色,藍色,黃色,紫色,橙色〜彩虹的顏色。保羅所謂的愛情,但他的啟發智力的宏偉棱鏡,通過這件事情,它的出現揭示其特點。