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” Love “~ the greatest things in the world (I) " 爱 "在世界上最偉大的事情 (I)

 Love  ~ the greatest things in the world 
" 爱 "在世界上最偉大的事情
By Henry Drummond

Part (I)

FAITH , HOPE, LOVE (信,望,愛)

         SINCE TIME BEGAN many people have believed that the greatest of all virtues in the spiritual realm is faith. The apostle Paul taught that if you may have enough faith to move a mountain, yet do not have love, you are nothing. Peter encourages us to love one another deeply. And John put it this way, simply : " GOD IS LOVE." 


The Secret of a fulfilled Life.一個充實的人生的秘密。---> " LOVE "

         "If I have faith so that I can move mountains and have not love. I am nothing. " Paul's words pierce because we've all felt the sting of words without sincerity and eloquence without love.
          Love is far greater than charity because you can have charity without love. Give a coin to a beggar, and ease your conscience - but if we truly loved them we would either do more or less. 

          “如果我有信心,這樣我可以移山,卻沒有愛。我什麼都沒有。” 保羅的話刺穿,因為我們已經沒有愛的沒有誠意和口才都覺得刺痛的話。
          愛是遠遠大於慈善事業的,沒有愛,因為你可以有慈善機構。舉一個硬幣給乞丐,緩解你的良心 - 但如果我們真的愛他們,我們會做更多或更少。

         Paul contrasts love with sacrifice. The would be missionary will do well to remember that though you die a martyr, yet have not love, your death would be in vain !
           You may struggle to learn another language, but when you reach your country of destination, love , the universal language, will pour forth unconsciously. In Africa, I encountered men and women who remembered the only white man they have ever seen before David Livingstone; and as you traced his footsteps there, men's faces lit up as they spoke of the kind doctor who passed through there. They could not understand him, but they felt the love that beat in his heart.

         " Love " is endowed with the power to rouse the hearts of men and women everywhere to lofty purposes. Take love into your vocation and your lifework will succeed. It's not worth doing if you take anything less. You may achieve every accomplishment, and yet miss love. 
        “愛 ”賦予的權力,喚醒心中的男性和女性世界各地的崇高宗旨。以愛為你的職業和你的畢生的事業一定會成功。這是不值得做的,如果你拿任何東西少。您可以實現每一個成就,但錯過的是 ~愛。


          Paul portrays “ Love ” as a life as a light. Watch a beam of light pass through a crystal prism and you see it emerge on the other side revealing its various colors : red, blue, yellow, violet, orange ~ The colors of rainbow. Paul passes this thing called love though the magnificent prism of his inspired intellect, and it emerges revealing its characteristics.

       羅描繪的 “愛 ” 像一個生命的。通光光束通過水晶棱鏡觀看,你會看到它出現在另一邊,展現其不同的顏色:紅色,藍色,黃色,紫色,橙色〜彩虹的顏色。保羅所謂的愛情,但他的啟發智力的宏偉棱鏡,通過這件事情,它的出現揭示其特點。


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