Friday, September 20, 2013



STOP SLEEPING ..... !!! 


Do you know what is the problems with Americans today and its influences to the world via media today ??? Hollywood has produced too many movies and TV series on destructions of the world without providing the real solution ~ Jesus Christ is the only savior. The devils using those media to brainwashing non- believers minds.

Too many earth destruction movies, wars between America and Middle East. Even Indiana Jones acted on the story of Ark of Covenant but mentioned nothing about Jesus Christ came to save the people. The CSI movies, Fox Crimes, Law and crimes etc. etc teaching people about how to do evils (though they did not directly ask the viewers to do or follow) but just imagine how many criminals who learn the ideas from watching those movies so called the BEST movie of the year ! SO  SAD !!!! 

知道今天美國人的問題及其影響,通過世界今天媒體?好萊塢製作過多部電影和電視劇在世界毀滅,沒有提供真正的解決方案 耶穌基督是唯一的救世主。那些鬼魔使用非信徒心目中的媒體洗腦。


How many times prophecy, oracles from the Lord being released and guess how many times, the prophetic ministers was treated badly by the movie directors stealing God's idea and never bless " one single cent " to God's servant and those propheies was being used " Illegally ", they trespass the right and took for granted and make it like fairy tales and produce stories into movies and make huge amounts money out of it and spent in sinful ways, get famous, get drank etc etc. God is watching from high PATIENTLY. When His wrath came, people got frighten, stop for few months or couple of years, own sinful nature repossess them again ...... like nothing happened before and start doing all kinds of evils ......

      從主的聖言被釋放多少次預言,对預言先知處理的不好。 偷上帝的想法和從來沒有给“ 1 cent 或祝福神的僕人。那些”電影“董事,正在“非法”使用先知們的預言;随意侵入他人的權利,是理所當然的?!並使它像童話故事改編成電影和生產,大量的挥恍得使用金錢,花在罪惡的方式,得到著名了,吃喝玩乐等等。神是耐心高的看。當祂的怒氣时,人們嚇唬了,停幾個月或幾年,可是自己的罪惡本質再次收回他們......像什麼也沒有發生之前,又開始做各種邪惡.......

In Hollywood drama series and movies, I have personally watch some series , obviously the term " Face to Face " is being used commonly like never before !!! Does this nation still grant human right and mutual respect for mankind ..... or stepping on others to gain fame and temporary reputation ....... may God have mercy on the ministers and his children. Stand up for our God, voice up and stop the evils from penetrating into our life. The devils deserve hell fire and the righteous one deserve to be protected.

好萊塢劇集和電影,我都親自看一些系列,明顯的 “面對面” 已被常用。。。從未像現在這樣!這個國家是否仍給予人類的人權和相互尊重...... 或踩著別人來獲得暫時的知名度和美譽度。......願上帝憐憫

There are still many godly men and women who care about America and this nation because she has stand for  righteousness  for other nations before. And America has done many good things to help the poor countries. Today, America is a different nation. The people hear God's messages but their ears are deaf, they see things are happening around them but they are blinded, they are numd and become so used to that kind of environment and their hearts are harden, thanks to those movies, and those movies directors. If God's people still decided to sit still do nothing about these...... just wait and watch how horrible our God is going to deal with this nation.

仍然有許多虔誠的在乎美國與這個國家的男人和女人,因為她有为其他國家站在公義上。美國已經做了許多好事,如:幫助許多貧窮的國家。今日的美國是一個不同的國家。由於這些電影,這些電影董事們。。。人們聽不到神的消息,好難過!他們的耳朵是聾的! 他們看不到的事情都發生在他們周圍,因他們被蒙蔽,他們都麻木了,在那種環境下。。。他們的心已變硬了。

Above prophecy was being released and posted on facebook by Prophetess Cassandra Lai Fun Tze 
At September 16, 2013 at 9:01am

Below short video was published on 17 Sep 2013
Prophetic vision from a Prophet Kevin Mirasi regarding what is going to happen to United State of America. The America will be judged by God due to their sexual sins include homosexual, legalizing gay marriage, mass murder of innocent babies. The historical California earthquake and tsunami will cause mass damage to USA, and millions people are going to die from sudden destruction.

Watch this, and you'll know that we're in END TIMES! And these are ultimate signs of the RAPTURE.