Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Love Involves a Risk 愛 涉及到風險"

* 3rd week of June on Thursday(星期四)18/6/2014 *

" Love  Involves a Risk 涉及到風險 "

     When the Holy Spirit worked for past years to bring my family relationship between my parents and my sisters under the lordship of Lord Jesus, it was a breaking (heart surgery) experience, I have broken down and cried to God many times for those pains and rejections. Out of those brokenness came cognition which I have also hurt by my own failure for not able to fulfill my promises to them in my early life. When I finally learn to surrender my failure and my hurts all unto my Lord I found great release, I don't have bare those burden upon my shoulders. I REPENTED and seek God for direction each day when I miss them, I prayed for them.

       No longer do I have to try to fit my interpersonal relationship to religious ideal-model that is neither the basic rules to help me to get closer to others compare to the way Bible clearly directs. And finally realise that my envyness toward my own sisters and by looking at their success instead of  focusing Lord Jesus causing more harm and brokenness. I am not perfect as till the day I see Jesus face to face I am under His workmanship, Jesus is my potter and I am His clay. Meantime, I learn that "AGAPE LOVE" is loving them without bondage.
         不再做我必須嘗試以適合我的人際交往關係,宗教理想模型,既不是基本的規則,以幫助我更接近別人比較的方式​​聖經清楚地指示。終於明白 我對自己的姐妹他們的成功感到妒忌 "envyness",而不是專注於主耶穌: 造成更多的傷害和破碎。我不是完美的,直到有一天我见到耶穌面對面。我在他的工藝,耶穌是我的陶匠,我是他的粘土。同時,我了解到,“大愛” 是沒有束縛的愛他們。

       God walks people through our lives for a purpose. We need warm, caring relationships. But we dare not allow ourselves to become locked into a relationship that in return it renders us hesitant or ineffectual in carrying out the Lord's commandments.

        When we allowed God to put our lives together as He wills, He alone can pull all the strings at one, for example last Sunday was Father Day and 15th of June 2014 also my mum's birthday. We (my husband and I went back to hometown) to give a warm greeting on Sunday after church service with help from  brother Yeong accompany with his mum and two girls. If we try on our own way, we might manipulate our interaction with others to effect our greatest good and His greatest glory.

          Let God be God, our loving heavenly Father not only can, HE can for all concerned. Amen !
         神是神,我們慈愛的天父,不僅如止,祂也能够给以我们生命 中各方面的關注。啊们!

                   歸來吧 - 黎焕詩 & 王若詩 合唱(Torna a Surriento)
(Torna a Surriento) 歸來吧 - 黎焕詩& 王若詩 合唱
Sang by Cassandra Lai 
聽那海洋的呼吸 充滿了柔情蜜意
你的笑語和歌聲 留在我的夢裡
園內陽光明媚無比 嬌花到處放出香氣
對著這麼美的風光 教我怎樣不想你
自從你和我分離 悲哀湧進我的心裡
在這可愛的地方 數著你的歸期
歸來吧 歸來 請不要把我拋棄
歸來吧 歸來 我在等你
歸來吧 歸來 請不要把我拋棄
歸來吧 歸來 我在等你

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hearts Of Gold

Hearts Of Gold 
Get your child involved in volunteer work and
 the act of charity  will come naturally as they grow.

Show your child what he can recycle and make it a point to keep your recyclables separated at home.

       Let your child decide what he would want to share with the less fortunate by getting him to sort through his toys and books every few months. You can rally up your friends to do the same and send these toys ( 你可以集結起你的朋友做同樣的和發送這些玩具 ) and books to homes with them.

Charity starts from the heart and getting your child to understand the power of love is essential to raising kind and loving children. Give love freely and you'll receive in return.

Give your child a say when participating in volunteer work. Get them involved in choosing the cause and when they do, ask them why they have chosen that particular cause. This will also help you understand your child better.

Encourage your child to help out, from planning a garage sale to raising funds to organising contributions for homes and shelters. You can also get him to rally his friends to help out, making it a social activity.

Want to give back to society but not sure where to start ?


         Acts of kindness start from home. Before volunteering to join a charitable cause, get your child to understand the fundamentals of a charitable act. Helping someone in need is noble and to make charity a part of their daily life can give them happiness nothing else can :-)  

       Start by getting them to help you around the house. You can motivate them by starting a point system. With the points that they accumulate, they will get a treat. You can also get them to sort through their books and toys and get them to decide if they want to donate to the less fortunate. Explain how they can help and why they should help.

" Lead by example, and you'll raise a child filled with compassion and kindness. "
" Get your child involved in volunteer work and
 the act of charity  will come naturally as they grow."
Wishing you "Happy Parenting"
and building a strong foundation for your child at home.

Malaysia Volunteering Network