Monday, June 7, 2010

Reader's Digest scam

TO all whom is concern or being victimize in Readers Digest scam,

      Firstly ,I like to thank God for helping us to found Jeng Hwan ( A local medical student's page ) for his time for putting up blog on above-mentioned issue. At the bottom of this page I have a link to his blog on his own write up about the similar experiences. Hence an righteous act must be taken by exposing the dirty trick and scam for this "Well Know" company called READER'S DIGEST magazine (RD). 
      My husband's family has been subscribing to this magazine for 5 -7 years back according to the Reader's Digest record ( my husband has lost count on it because his father also like to read the magazine while he was alive back in 1980's.) We both agreed that the standard contain and stories published has drop much compare to those older copies. Hence, he has stop some years for subscribing until last year 2009, we decided to resubscribe for another 12 months since the offer which they send to our home was quite attractive.
      Every year, Reader's Digest still sending those contest form despite whether we are existing or non-existing customers (Sometime, i was thinking whether this company is running a free cost printing company) Most of time, he just ignore it and treated them as "Junk mails". But last year, he has share the thought with me,  since we don't have any car yet and the contest form which RD form seem easy and interesting. So I allow him to subscribe by charging my credit card. And since then we experience the same problems where Jeng Hwan is encountering. Except this time, we has coming their "Target" of victim.
      There were time, my husband just got tired of answer their "junk mails" and asking my helps
,and I rushed to post the reply in order to meet the 7 days required timing. until end of last year, My husband told me not to reply any of their, they are just playing tricks. During Christmas, the mails has increase, many promotion brochures about gifts,books, jewelery etc to sends during Christmas season. I was almost tempted to order some items but later discuss with my husband, we decided to wait until the contest is over then only decide because if we was claim to be 99% in the part of winning we will have much $$ to spend by then.  
      We ignored all the promotion mails from RD. Until last DECEMBER, as usual I was replying the contest form claiming we will be winning  some RM100,000 to RM750,000 cash award etc and they always come in bulk mails. To rush the 7 days timing, I have used one of their reply envelop which required no stamp (Post office is very far from my home, so I taught RD has provides such a good service)I quickly send my reply and I also notice that at the back of the envelop has some blanks to fill ( e.g. my credit card numbers, no. of promotion items to tick etc.) Since we did not order any other things, I decide to leave all blank and send back the reply mail through this envelop.
     On Jan 2010, I saw a Speed Post service(Pos laju) Malaysia's van stopped at our gate and the postman requested my husband to sign his signature before good delivered. We were excited because we thought we might have won the prize or it must be something good related to the contest.
      But.... WHEN WE opened the parcel, we realized it was a book named "The watchman series" and a small porcelain gift which we used to hold the chili or tomato sauce. I told my husband we did not order any book from RD, soon later a letter of "undue payment" send to us asking us to settle the purchases but in the 1st place we did not order anything from RD. So we called us RD and spoke to the customer service in the RD call center. They told us to mail or return back the parcel. WE GOT VERY ANGRY AND CONFUSE ABOUT THIS MISTAKE WHICH RD HAS DONE ON US. I don't really want any hindrance to prevent us to be the winner of the GREAT PRIZE. Therefore I explain honestly to the lady on the phone that as the post office is far away from our home is difficult to go without any transport. She seem like very understanding and told us to keep the goods. I also requested that whether RD can send again a courier service to take back the good, but I was told RD do not handle this matter and I was told all the courier shall be bare by us. This is getting ridiculous.
      After praying and discussion with one another. One of my husband good took his off day and decide to help us by bring us to the RD HQ to return the goods, He is truly helpful by warning us to prepare a letter of acknowledgment to sign by the RD staff upon receive back the goods.
       We went to the address state in the letter but the RD HQ shifted from Shah Alam to Subang Jaya near the airport (The new building was BIG named after " Symphony House " located some kind of new business center but quite remote, not easy to find) According the staffs of RD, they have newly relocated and I can see the receptionist area still under some kind of construction works. We wait for 15 - 30 minutes only a young man of year 20 came from upstairs to serve us. WE TOLD HIM WE ARE THERE TO RETURN A GOOD THAT WE NEVER PURCHASED AND ASK HIM TO SIGN OUR  "LETTER OF ACKNOWLEDGMENT ". THIS YOUNG MAN ASKED US TO WAIT AS HE WENT BACK TO GET US A RECEIPT OF ACKNOWLEDGE WITH LOGO OF READER'S DIGEST (M) SDN BHD.
       Happily, we went back that evening. But RD's harassment on us for overdue payment just begin to start. Every month since Jan 2010, they have been sending letter to ask us to settle the amount. I have called many time to the center to explain and all the time the customer service who answer our call will tell us that the issue being handle. but the next following month, we will still receive the same "undue payment " letter from RD account department. And when I request to speak to their manager one time, they told us that person is not available, not in Malaysia but located in Singapore etc of excuses. This months is the 5th months we have receive the overdue letter. Just like Jeng Hwan said ,the winners never announce but the unlawful charge keep coming. And my husband search the google and found many victims of RD posted their complaint and stories on the internet and we finally found this website too. WE decide to take action by report this scam to the Government under "PEJABAT PERDAGANGAN DALAM NEGERI"  currently an officer name En. Abdul Razak was assign to help investigating this case. And I hope more evident and true stories from RD victims can voice out to help together we fight for the righteousness and protection over our right as a consumers. If this issue still unsolved we has also consider loge a complaint to Penang Consumer Affair or Hot line in various local newspapers like Malay mails, The Star and Chinese press etc. This is my contact email address and we welcome for any write up so I could forward them all to the government department of investigation under the commercial affair, thank you.

      Attached is a link to Jeng Hwan (a medical student's page) on the same complaint :                 




Truly ,
Cassandra Lai

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Knowledge about Bad bugs~ how to keep healthy in all time.

 Bad Bugs

Bad bugs love the heat and humidity of summer. The only way to beat them is to follow hygienic habits. "The most favourable temperature for these bugs to grow is between 30°C-37°C," says Prof. Subrata Majumdar, microbiologist, Bose Institute, Kolkata. "Their virulence also intensifies in summer." and these bugs travel quickly too, from your desk to your bedroom. The only way to beat them is to follow hygienic habits everywhere-and sometimes the habit is as simple as washing your hands properly. Here we uncover potential germ sources to be wary of, and tell you how to keep germs at bay.

When you come in watch out for:

Doorknobs: Doorknobs are the prime suspect in the transmission of cold and flu virus and fungal infections via sweat.

Fix it: "Wash your hands after touching a doorknob or touch it with a tissue," suggests Majumdar.

Floor Carpet: Studies show that carpets give shelter to at least 200,000 bacteria particles per square inch, courtesy shoe soles. Most of them are faecal bacteria causing anything from diarrhoea to urinary tract infection (UTI).

Fix it: Take off your shoes before stepping on the carpet and ask your guests to do the same. Clean it with a disinfectant every week.

When you watch TV watch out for:

The remote: The TV remote harbors a cold virus named rhino-virus. It can stay on your remote surface for 2 days.

Fix it: Wipe it clean with a disinfectant every day.

The kitchen mop: Kitchen mops are infected with bacteria," says Dr Narender Saini, India representative, Global Hygiene Council. "They expose you to diseases like UTI, diarrhea and skin boils."

Fix it: Wash it with a good liquid detergent every day. Sun drying it, is also a must.

The kitchen sink: The drain of your sink is home to 500,000 bacteria per square inch. "It is the favorite hotpot for several kinds of fungi and bacteria since it offers them the ideal combination of moisture, oil and food crumbs," says Saini. So your sink may actually be the reason behind your UTI, pneumonia or lung infection.

Fix it: Scrub the basin daily. Pour a solution containing one tablespoon of bleaching powder and one litre of water down the drain. Keep the sink dry.

The cutting board: Pathogens, worms and fungi hide in the leafy greens and raw veggies that you chop on your cutting board. When transmitted, these may cause typhoid, anemia and stomach problems like amoebiosis and diarrhea.

Fix it: Wash the vegetables properly before cutting them and use separate boards for chopping meat and veggies. Clean the cutting boards with a potassium permanganate solution.

When you eat watch out for: Refrigerated food Food kept in the fridge for several days indulges bacteria and fungus, exposing you to a great many infections including diarrhea and UTI.

Fix it: "Refrigerate food at 4°C-5°C but not for more than 2 days. Heat it at 70°C for at least 3 mins before having it. Avoid reheating," says Saini. Throw the food if there is any smell or froth, or if the taste of the food changes after heating. It means some spores are still left behind.

Uncovered, Kept-out for-long food: Food rots quickly in summer and can cause stomach infection. "Also, flies transmit germs that may cause dysentery, typhoid and even cholera," says Dr Sandeep Budhiraja, director, internal medicine, Max Medcentre, Delhi.

Fix it: Cover all food, even salad. "Don't leave food out overnight outside the refrigerator," says Budhiraja. "And once heated, consume it quickly."

When you bathe watch out for:

Bath towels: Wet towels can give you skin irritation and fungal diseases (like Jock Itch). The chances of contamination increase if you share your towel.

Fix it: Don't share towels. "Sun dry all the towels every day and make sure they are not piled on each other. The towel of an infected person should be washed esp.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happiness - 10 Characteristics of Happy People

Dear beloved friends,


           Have you ever noticed how happy people seem to have certain characteristics in common? They seem to smile all of the time and they seem to have positive attitudes. I have listed 10 characteristics of happy people. You should go over this list and see if you share any of the same characteristics. If you do not, then you can use this list as a guide to help you to work towards being a happy person.

1. Avoid Negative People : Have you ever noticed how happy people always seem to flock together? You will not find people who are happy hanging around people who are grumpy, complainers or who are hot headed because they know that negative people will attempt to kill their spirits.

2. Positive Attitude : You can spot a high-spirited person a mile away based on their attitude. A person who is jolly is confident about their abilities, they smile a lot and they always have something nice to say.

3. Have a Plan : The people who are the happiest are the people who have a plan in life. Jubilant people know where they are going in life, they are focused, they have goals and they are living their life with a purpose.

4. Don't sweat the small stuff : People who are cheerful understand that certain things in life they can not change and instead of trying to change what they can not, they concentrate on the things that they can change.

5. Flexible : The happiest people in life are the people who understands that things are not always going to go as planned. When a situation occurs and they have to change their schedule, they do not get all bent out of shape. Instead they go with the flow.

6. See the Good in Everybody : It is a fact that each individual has good traits about themselves as well as bad traits. Happy people have learned to focus on the good traits in others and not the bad ones.

7. Laugh Often : Elated people do not take life so serious, they have learned the art of laughter. You will also find that happy people watch a lot of comedy and enjoy hearing a good joke.

8. Love the Skin That You Are In : Merry individuals love their bodies and they love themselves. People who are happy realize that they cannot truly love others until they first love themselves.

9. Take Time Out For Yourself : The happiest people live a balanced life. They work but they also make sure that they take time out to spend quality time with their family and their friends.

10.Relationship With a Higher Power : It appears that people who are the happiest hold their actions accountable to a Higher Power. Joyful people have a relationship with their Higher Power and they live their lives based on high values and morals.

Shared by Mr. Sachin Dhamale from India,
posted by prophetess Cassandra
on 24th of May 2010.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Thank you for BEING my GOOD Friends, Smile !


Good FRIENDS are hard to find,
          Harder to leave, and impossible to forget

           DON'T cry over anyone who won't cry over you

You can only go as far as you push

ACTIONS speak louder than words

The HARDEST thing to do is watch the one you love,
 love somebody else

DON'T let the past hold you back, you're missing the good stuff

If you don't look around once in a while you might miss it

Some people make the world SPECIAL just by being in it

When it HURTS to look back,
And you're SCARED to look ahead,
You can look beside you and
Your BEST FRIEND will be there

 Friends are FOREVER

Good friends are like STARS You don't always see them,
 but you know they are ALWAYS THERE

DON'T frown.
You never know who is falling in love with your SMILE

What do you do when THE ONLY PERSON who can make you STOP CRYING --->
is the person who MADE YOU CRY?

Everything is okay in the end.
If it's not okay, then it's NOT THE END.

Most people walk in and out of your life
 but only GOOD FRIENDS leave FOOTPRINTS in your heart

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's day

To all mothers under the sun :

Happy Mother's Day

A wife of noble character who can find? 
She is worth far more than rubies. (31:10)

She speak with wisdom,
and faithful instruction is on her tongue.
She watches over the affairs of the household,
and does not eat the bread of idleness.(31:26-27)

Her children arise and call her blessed;
Her husband also, and he praises her.

Many women do noble things,
but you surpass them all. (31:28-29)

Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.
Give her the reward she has earned,
And let her works bring her praise at the city gate.(31:30-31)

Epilogue :
Proverbs 31 "The wife of Noble Character"

Prophetess Cassandra

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Day of Trusting

  The day of trusting

          As I was taking my morning run with the dog, the Lord began speaking to me. He called me up the hill, and when he did he told me to leash Bell Dog and let the young dog run free. Bell is 56 years old in human years and Ox is 7 in human years. I normally keep Ox on the leash because he has not completely learned to trust my voice to come when he is called. Bell dog I can shout at the greatest distance and she stops what she is doing and runs immediately to me.

           As I ascended the hill Bell stayed just in front of me and was happy to give away her freedom of choice, Ox was completely ecstatic to be free and to hunt like the big dog inside of him. Ox followed every new scent as excited as if he was on top of the game. He strayed ahead, to the right then left then far ahead. Every so often he would look for Bell, and he would come to her and acknowledge her presence. Then back off on a new scent.

            When I arrived at the top of the hill the Lord said, ” Rich I don’t want you to base your relationship with me on love.” I was stunned, I replied.” Lord I don’t understand.”             The Lord continued,” I don’t want of bunch of stalkers, I want a family that trusts me.” “ I want our relationship to be based on your trust of My love for you.”

              The Lord explained further,” Rich, when someone bases a relationship with anyone on their love of that person, the person becomes a fantasy. The person constantly does things that they think the object of their affections likes or wants.” “ When the person of their focus does something that does not fit the picture they have created out of their desire for that person, they either get mad or lie to themselves about the truth of the actions.”
               I asked the Lord to continue to explain what this means. The Lord spoke,” Rich, many in my church today have made me the object of their love and do not trust me.” “ They stalk my presence, and reject any situation that causes them to trust my love that they will be helped through the event.” “ Because they focus on their love for me, and not trust my love for them, they constantly make up what I am doing in their lives and others. They even prophecy their vain fantasies as though they were focused on me and not their love of me.” “ They read my word focused on their love and not trusting my Holy Spirit to reveal to them what they need for every single moment.” “ This I am bringing to a stop, I must, for my Love commands it.”
            I asked the Lord to go on. The Lord said,” Rich I had you leash Bell to show you how I am bringing this to a stop. I am using the elders to walk close to me and to watch my very moves. The young ones that run after every scent in the wind, will watch the old dog and learn that I can be trusted. They will see that if they give me their freedom, I will give them a relationship. I will walk with them wherever I send them.” “ I desire that all may know my love for them, that none should perish. “ “ I sent back the gift I promised my son Jesus, and this gift is the testimony of them being in my family. It is the signet ring of my kingdom. “ “ With this gift they are to testify to the earth that I am that I am.” “ this gift is my seal upon their foreheads.”

Written by Richly Blessed on 3/15/2010