Monday, March 15, 2010

The Day of Trusting

  The day of trusting

          As I was taking my morning run with the dog, the Lord began speaking to me. He called me up the hill, and when he did he told me to leash Bell Dog and let the young dog run free. Bell is 56 years old in human years and Ox is 7 in human years. I normally keep Ox on the leash because he has not completely learned to trust my voice to come when he is called. Bell dog I can shout at the greatest distance and she stops what she is doing and runs immediately to me.

           As I ascended the hill Bell stayed just in front of me and was happy to give away her freedom of choice, Ox was completely ecstatic to be free and to hunt like the big dog inside of him. Ox followed every new scent as excited as if he was on top of the game. He strayed ahead, to the right then left then far ahead. Every so often he would look for Bell, and he would come to her and acknowledge her presence. Then back off on a new scent.

            When I arrived at the top of the hill the Lord said, ” Rich I don’t want you to base your relationship with me on love.” I was stunned, I replied.” Lord I don’t understand.”             The Lord continued,” I don’t want of bunch of stalkers, I want a family that trusts me.” “ I want our relationship to be based on your trust of My love for you.”

              The Lord explained further,” Rich, when someone bases a relationship with anyone on their love of that person, the person becomes a fantasy. The person constantly does things that they think the object of their affections likes or wants.” “ When the person of their focus does something that does not fit the picture they have created out of their desire for that person, they either get mad or lie to themselves about the truth of the actions.”
               I asked the Lord to continue to explain what this means. The Lord spoke,” Rich, many in my church today have made me the object of their love and do not trust me.” “ They stalk my presence, and reject any situation that causes them to trust my love that they will be helped through the event.” “ Because they focus on their love for me, and not trust my love for them, they constantly make up what I am doing in their lives and others. They even prophecy their vain fantasies as though they were focused on me and not their love of me.” “ They read my word focused on their love and not trusting my Holy Spirit to reveal to them what they need for every single moment.” “ This I am bringing to a stop, I must, for my Love commands it.”
            I asked the Lord to go on. The Lord said,” Rich I had you leash Bell to show you how I am bringing this to a stop. I am using the elders to walk close to me and to watch my very moves. The young ones that run after every scent in the wind, will watch the old dog and learn that I can be trusted. They will see that if they give me their freedom, I will give them a relationship. I will walk with them wherever I send them.” “ I desire that all may know my love for them, that none should perish. “ “ I sent back the gift I promised my son Jesus, and this gift is the testimony of them being in my family. It is the signet ring of my kingdom. “ “ With this gift they are to testify to the earth that I am that I am.” “ this gift is my seal upon their foreheads.”

Written by Richly Blessed on 3/15/2010

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