Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happiness - 10 Characteristics of Happy People

Dear beloved friends,


           Have you ever noticed how happy people seem to have certain characteristics in common? They seem to smile all of the time and they seem to have positive attitudes. I have listed 10 characteristics of happy people. You should go over this list and see if you share any of the same characteristics. If you do not, then you can use this list as a guide to help you to work towards being a happy person.

1. Avoid Negative People : Have you ever noticed how happy people always seem to flock together? You will not find people who are happy hanging around people who are grumpy, complainers or who are hot headed because they know that negative people will attempt to kill their spirits.

2. Positive Attitude : You can spot a high-spirited person a mile away based on their attitude. A person who is jolly is confident about their abilities, they smile a lot and they always have something nice to say.

3. Have a Plan : The people who are the happiest are the people who have a plan in life. Jubilant people know where they are going in life, they are focused, they have goals and they are living their life with a purpose.

4. Don't sweat the small stuff : People who are cheerful understand that certain things in life they can not change and instead of trying to change what they can not, they concentrate on the things that they can change.

5. Flexible : The happiest people in life are the people who understands that things are not always going to go as planned. When a situation occurs and they have to change their schedule, they do not get all bent out of shape. Instead they go with the flow.

6. See the Good in Everybody : It is a fact that each individual has good traits about themselves as well as bad traits. Happy people have learned to focus on the good traits in others and not the bad ones.

7. Laugh Often : Elated people do not take life so serious, they have learned the art of laughter. You will also find that happy people watch a lot of comedy and enjoy hearing a good joke.

8. Love the Skin That You Are In : Merry individuals love their bodies and they love themselves. People who are happy realize that they cannot truly love others until they first love themselves.

9. Take Time Out For Yourself : The happiest people live a balanced life. They work but they also make sure that they take time out to spend quality time with their family and their friends.

10.Relationship With a Higher Power : It appears that people who are the happiest hold their actions accountable to a Higher Power. Joyful people have a relationship with their Higher Power and they live their lives based on high values and morals.

Shared by Mr. Sachin Dhamale from India,
posted by prophetess Cassandra
on 24th of May 2010.

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