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“ Love ” ~ the greatest things in the world (II) " 爱 "在世界上最偉大的事情 ( II )

“ Love ” ~ the greatest things in the world 
" 爱 "在世界上最偉大的事情 ( II )
By Henry Drummond

The nine Aspects of " Love "
“愛” 的九方面


       The attitude of love is passive, love waits to begin ~ does not hurry; it is calm; it is ready to its work when the call comes but meanwhile wearing the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit.  " Love " suffers long, bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and therefore waits.

       愛 ~的態度是被動的,愛等待開始〜並不著急,它是平靜的,它的工作是準備當呼叫進來,但同時佩戴的裝飾品,一個溫柔安靜的靈。 “愛是恆久忍耐,包容一切,相信所有的事情,希望所有的事情,並因此等待。


        Active love. Notice how much time Jesus spent simply doing kind things? Study his life and you will see that He spent a great portion of His time simply encouraging people, doing good deeds for people. God has put within our power the ability to bring encouragement to those around us.

       "The greatest thing a man can do for his heavenly Father," someone once said, " is to be kind to some of His other children." I wonder why we are not all kinder than we are. How much the world needs it. How easily it is done. How quickly it responds.

         Love ~ rewards itself - there is no debtor in the world so honorable as love.  
         Love never fails. 
         Love is success; 
         love is happiness; 
         love is life. 

 Robert Browning said it well: "Love is the energy of life."




           “一個人可以做他天父最偉大的事情,” 有人曾經說過,“是種一些他的其他孩子。”我不知道為什麼我們是不是比我們所有仁慈。世界需要多少。如何輕鬆地就完成了。如何快速作出響應。

         愛〜的回報 - 在世界上是沒有債務人,所以尊貴的愛。



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