Thursday, July 4, 2013

Souls saving missions led by the Holy Spirit

Souls saving missions led by the Holy Spirit

 It was an awesome mission field day ( 2nd of July ) , doing God's work in the hospital with my love one. I believe many souls have been touch by my LORD.

We managed to reach home just before midnight. Many Muslims (including the nurses in the hospital received a gospel booklets from me, I pray that as they read the booklets, they will open their eyes, ears and heart. And it is my prayers that they accept Christ after reading those materials. We also shared and care for people on the buses too. 
Praise God for the leading of the Holy Spirit, and I got some free time sitting at one of the Grand piano at Chambers of music in town and play some of my favorite music pieces too !!!!Yes, indeed, It is such a joy to save souls.  On my birthday last month, as my husband spent me to a good Japanese lunch, I was led to share gospel and pray the sinner prayer with the  restaurant manager and led him to Christ , on the spot, it was so great !!!  It was one of the best birthday I have enjoyed.
God has called us as His fisher of man, remember my previous posting on Eagle Analogy : Eagles are a symbol of prophetic ministers like both my husband and I. It mentioned eagle is the master of fish-catcher.

As prophet or prophetess saving souls, we walk with holy spirit and we only go to places where God led us to. And many time, when we pray and sense the spirit leading, and on the precise timing the soul being saved.

I have experiencing leading soul to Christ by walking on the street toward Sunday morning worship. On the train, at the shopping mall etc.,  ha ha ha it is fun when you are guide by Holy Spirit .

ALL glory unto our God.


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