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“ Love ” ~ the greatest things in the world " 爱 " 在世界上最偉大的事情 ( VII )

Love ” ~ the greatest things in the world 
" 爱 "在世界上最偉大的事情 ( VII )
By Henry Drummond

UNSELFISHNESS ~ love shares


             Paul says, "Whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away." The wisdom of the ancients, where is it today ? Great inventions come and go. Paul focused on the wonders of his time, things people prized most, and brushed them aside. He did not condemn these things in themselves yet emphasized that they would not last. There are appealing things in the world; but they will not endure. LOVE people than things.

            See the abundant life; seek God's love. Seek God, for God is love. Then love can take hold of you - body, soul, and spirit. Give and it will be given back to you.  LOVE ~ is its own reward. 

       保羅說:“無論是有知識也終必歸於無有。”  古人的智慧,它在哪裡呢?偉大的發明來來去去。保羅專注於他的時間的奇蹟,珍貴的東西的人最多,他們一邊拂過。他沒有譴責這些東西自己還強調,他們不會持續。在世界上有吸引人的東西,但他們不會恆久。

        豐盛的生命,尋求神的。尋求神,因為神就是愛可以抓住你 - 身體,靈魂和精神。給,它會還給你。 〜本身就是獎賞。

          To love abundantly is to live abundantly. To love forever is to live forever. Eternal life and love are intertwined. We rise each day for the same reason : We want to live forever. Because there are people who love you, and whom you want to see tomorrow, and be with, and love. There's no greater reason for living than to love and be loved. Because to live is to love. And eternal life is to know God; for God is LOVE.  That's the definition Jesus gave. Think about it.

          If love is eternal, then in the final analysis, love is life. LOVE never fails, and life will never fail as long as there is LOVE. No worse fate can befall a person than to live and grow old alone, neither loving nor being loved.



         LOVE is patient and kind; it does not envy; it is not proud. Live this way and everything you do will be worth doing. Living them out, however, will require prayer and meditation, just as advancement requires preparation and diligence. Reflect on your life and you'll find that the times that stand out are the ones in which you have done things our of a spirit of LOVE. 

         是恆久忍耐,又有恩慈;  是不嫉妒,不驕傲。這樣生活,你所做的一切是值得做的事情。生活出來,但是,需要祈禱並沉思,就像的進步需要準備和勤奮。反思你的生活,你會發現的時代中脫穎而出的是那些您已經做過的事情,我們的的精神。

EVEN - TEMPERED  ~ Love is not moody 


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