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“ Love ” ~ the greatest things in the world (V) " 爱 "在世界上最偉大的事情 ( V )

“ Love ” ~ the greatest things in the world 
" 爱 "在世界上最偉大的事情 ( V )
By Henry Drummond

Humility ~ love is its own reward

謙遜 ~ 愛本身就是獎賞

          Love " thinks no evil, " imputes no motives, looks on the bright side, puts the best construction on every action. What a state of mind! what a blessing to meet such a friend for a day !

If we seek to elevate others, we soon see that success is in proportion to the degree of faith we had in them. When you respect another, their self-respect begins to grow and each can realize their full potential.

      “歸咎於的愛 不計惡”沒有動機,从光明的一面看起來,把最好的建築上每一個動作。一種精神狀態!一天,能与這樣的知友和祝福,已感滿足!



         "Love rejoices not in iniquity, but .... in the truth." The quality here is sincerity. One who loves will love truth. These rejoice in truth - not in what they have been taught to believe, not in a church doctrine, but " in the truth. "  They search for only what is genuine with humble, open minds and cherish truth when they find it.
          Sincerity is restraint which refuses to capitalize on the weaknesses of others - it finds no pleasure in exposing their faults, but " covers all things". It endeavors to see things as they are and rejoices to find them better than may have been suspected.

        “愛喜歡不義,但 .....在真理。” 這裡的質量是真誠。誰是愛~會愛真理。這些慶幸的真理 - 而不是在他們被教導相信,在教會的教義,但“在真理。”他們搜索什麼是真正的謙虛,開放的頭腦和珍惜真理,當他們發現它。
          誠信是克制,不利用別人的弱點 - 它暴露自己的缺陷,但沒有發現的樂趣,“涵蓋了所有的東西。” 它的努力,因為他們是和喜歡他們比可能已經涉嫌看到的東西。

               The issue is to have love molded into our character. That is our life work to focus on in this world; to learn love. Life is ripe with opportunities to learn love : everyone, every day, is given many. this world is not a playground; it is a classroom, and the eternal lesson is learning how to love better.

              What makes a good athlete? Practice. If you don't exercise your body, you won't develop muscle; without spiritual training, you won't develop strength of character. Love is a rich, vigorous expression of character - God's nature in all its fullness.

             what did Jesus do in the carpenter's shop? Practice. The Bible tells us that He learned obedience and increased in wisdom and in favor with God and man.


              是什麼讓一個運動員成为優秀的?練習。如果你不鍛煉,你的身體,你會不會發展肌肉,沒有精神的訓練,你就不會發展堅強的性格。愛是豐富的,充滿活力的性格表達 - 神的本質在其豐滿。

             什麼耶穌做木匠的店嗎?練習。 “聖經” 告訴我們,他學會了服從,並與神和人的智慧和贊成。

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