Sunday, April 17, 2016

Lord Jesus is our Jehovah Jireh ( He is our Provider )

            All Glory to God !!!

This is a true testimonial from our life experiencing on walking with God, trusted in Him, He done it again to increase our Faith to see God hands provide during our trip and even when we reached home from Incheon, South Korea.

 Picture taken with one the Deaconess from the Lord's Church at Inchon, South Korea.

Praise and worship with Holy Dance at the Lord's Church
Inchon, South Korea.


         This is the 1st time for my beloved darling to be on flight/plant to a far distance country at age of 60. This is really a delightful, challenging trip for him and for me. My darling used to share how was his helicopter ride few years back, he love to share that memory again and again. I did do a small interview about his feeling of the trip to Korea on 3 flights. He was delightful, astonish and challenging (about the air pressure during ascending and descending of those flights), on our journey back, the Lord specifically want us to lay over at Beijing for 23 hours (there is another testimonial to tell on God's righteousness manifested in our trip) I am so glad he did enjoy the journey very much, especially on the meals time on Air China..... ha ha ha.


       I taught we would be in South Korea for the maximum of 1 week because of the home garden and cats to take care of ........ but it ended up 1 hour to be 14 days when we landed home at Kuala Lumpur International airport (KLIA). 

        During this journey, we have spent full 3 days 2 nights stay in the Lord's church, the rest of the days we stay at Hilton Motel walking distance to the church.Every night we spent time on prayers, praise and worship in songs and dance from Mon- Sun. 9:30 pm to 5am in the morning. Present of God is so mighty and the Fire of God ( manifested in tongue) every night. Prayers answers, deliverance, healing for soul, spirit and body take place, etc.
        In spirit, I experienced travel in space/ through universe and visited certain part of heaven ( I shall mentioned this later ) during one prayer session night. The other night, the Lord keep anoint me with powerful weapons to fight against the enemies in spirit. Few nights, we only receiving Holy Fire anointing and Holy Spirit dance.

There are days, we run out of finance to stay. At night , we both pray and cried out to God in our room as well as in church hall (Where every sit and pray). One afternoon, a elderly Korean brother, help us to exchange our money to local currency in a nearby bank ( this only last us for couple of days), and I pray to the Lord if it is His will for us to stay longer, He has to provide of us. 

               Our dear beloved Korean brother visited our stay and we invited him for a cup of coffee and a piece of donuts. My brother was touched , he keep praying in tongue and in Korean language and we both joined in to pray, the fire of God drop upon me mightily and my hands can not stop shaking......... prophesying and comfort of words being release. Even thought, we do not understand what our Korean brother has spoken to the Lord, but with his strong grip of hands and hands shake we could sense the tremendous love of God and His powers is flowing through him into our live as he imparting the " Holy Fire " to us.  I can even sense the present of angels in our room. I truly miss this brother very, very much. May the Lord continue to use him mightily on walking close to Abba Father's will in his life.

           Just few minutes after he leave our room to go back to church. I realize an used envelope was lay there since our stay, the corner of the table. I knew the envelope was only contain some receipts but I was compel by the spirit to look inside again. Wooo ! We fought a new Korean note of 50,000 wan. This is a truly miracle, it was not from the brother. It was from the Lord who has sent His angel to put it there for us. HALLELUJAH ! , PRAISE THE LORD, ALL GLORY TO HIM,. WE WERE SO HAPPY THAT AFTERNOON, WE CAN PAY OUR ROOM BILL, HALLELUJAH !!!! AND get some good local food to eat too !!!

       In the morning, after we arrived home, we were tired and slept for few hours and I was eager to check on my plants and flowers in the garden. O no ! there were no rain for two weeks, some of my plants in fact are dying. They remind me of those plants in Incheon during winter time.  I went on to check on my mail box. I was sup rice to see a big red Ang Pow package inside contain of $400.00 Malaysia money and letter from my dear sister in law in USA who also had sent us money to be picked up at the post office. 
Woooo ! Another suprice from Abba Father whom know our needs more than anyone !!! 

Thank you and thank you. Abba Father.....
아바 아버지, 감사합니다 " 

Glory to God !!!
하나님 께 영광 !!!

所有的榮耀,一切榮耀 歸給您!!!

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