Sunday, April 10, 2016

Crying out for God's justice on " Fraud by & China Eastern Airline "


FRAUD by  &China Eastern Airline

            I have encounter being cheated by BudgetAir when I was booking two air -flight tickets 23rd March to fly from Kuala Lumpur to South Korea via China Eastern Airline using this agency, after recommended by TripAdviser online. My husband and I were frustrated and forced to cancel the air flight mainly due to some mistakes typed on the name of the tickets. I saw two columns requested to filled in our name.
   The topline : please type in Full name according to passport; and
    the 2nd line : please type "Surname".

Hence, I typed my full name which included my surname in the top line, as for the 2nd line I typed in my family / surname.

      Due to having doubt in how much luggage one can carry, I called the Budget Air customer service officer, she spoken to me in English and told me that 23kg each person and 5 kg on hand carry.
Then I called up the China Eastern Airline to double confirm , a lady spoken in Chinese revealed to me that I have typed my surname twice in my flight tickets and asked to called BudgetAlr immediately to rectify the problem. At first, I try to tell the customer service that their booking website is misleading and my tickets name appear twice of the surname which are different from my passport and requested to change the name on the tickets. She refused and insisted that i shall cancel my flights and BudgetAir will fully reimburse back my tickets money and only charging a small admin. fee of $40 ( Prior to this , during booking time online, I have chosen to pay an extra premium fee of $40 which cover FREE cancellation ). I felt tired and confused and I put down the phone. In short time (Around 3:30 pm) I try to call back BudgetAir many time, but no one anwser the phone (Their working hour till 5:30pm which is Monday to Friday) This happened on Friday afternoon 3:30- 4pm.

During evening time, I decided to send an email to inform cancellation.


But the reply I got as per below :

Dear Sir/Madam,

As per you request we have cancelled your reservation for both the passengers.

As per airline fare rules airline will charge 326 MYR as airline penalty per passenger and BudgetAir Admin fee will 225 MYR Per Passenger.

Note : Refund will process to the same care in 10-12 business weeks.

Kind regards,



 I called this a " FRAUD " to set customers up to make silly mistakes and charging customers on the cancellation instead of running a proper airline agent to facilitate customers on buy air tickets to travel. 

Abba Father, I called upon Jesus'name who is righteous and justice to vindicate me in this case. I want a full refund of my air tickets payments, in Jesus's name I prayed, AMEN !!! ​

 Attached are some of the photos taken on the booking website.

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