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Embraced by the love of King of Kings (II)

被萬王之王的愛擁抱 (II)
Embraced by the love of King of Kings (II)
Romance with the King of Kings

           In my previous writing, I have revealed how I was being attacked spiritually. As a full time minister, unless the Lord has chosen and called you specifically, do not go into ministry mainly for flame or reputation. Satan is not joking with you. Many time as my beloved led by the spirit or praying together aside with him, prophet Benjamin, we were facing the battle in real both spiritual realm and sometime physical. At time I can see and sense the present of evils in form of images. But last week, I felt like facing death with these battle with the Satan and His devils ( Sickness and pains ). I am grateful, my husband is beside me and the most important in life and ministry is my Lord is always with me whether i fell or succeed in carrying His tasks.
     在前 的寫作中,我透露我具體& 精神是如何被攻擊痛苦。作為一名全職,除非上帝選擇,叫你執行他的任務,不要聲譽。撒旦不是跟你開玩笑。許多時間,因為我心愛的劉世平領導精神或跟他一起禱告,,我們面臨著真正的兩種精神境界和某個物理戰鬥。在時間,我可以看到和感受到的圖像的形式邪惡的存在。但上週,我幾乎感覺自己就像面對死亡與這些撒旦和他的魔鬼(疾病和痛苦)戰鬥。我很感激,我的丈夫是我身邊,最重要的生命和事工是我的主總是與我是否失敗或成功地背著他的任務。

@ Romance with the King of Kings與萬王之王浪漫

            IT is so important that we learn to seek the Lord for Himself  alone, and not for the things He can give us. He longs for us to abide in Him, to feast on His love. He wants us to enjoy fellowship with Him as our dearest Friend. His heart yearns to be ministered to by our love.

             We hurt Him so when we become too busy with our daily tasks to spend time enjoying His love or when we carelessly let sin slip our lives, destroying our close communion. We must seek him as our greatest treasure, seeing our time of sharing with Him as the highest priority in our lives.

             As a result of our relationship with Him, we will begin to see His power flowing out from us, touching hearts, renewing life  and strength, and working miracles. For out of relationship will come faith --- simple faith, which is simply being close enough to Jesus to know what He want to do in a situation and then doing whatever He instructs. But the only way we will ever be able to know exactly what Jesus is thinking and saying is spending much time with  Him --- living in His presence every moment of our lives. There are no shortcuts to this ! But, the fullness of joy we find in His presence ! 




As I was reading above passage from " How to hear God's voice ?" The Lord start to me understand His romance to me by reflecting the moment in movie " Titanic " : Jack sacrifice his live for the woman he love and also instructed her clearly to live long and prosperous for the sake of him !
當我看完上面的段落從“如何聽到上帝的聲音?”主開始我明白了他的傳奇給我反映當下的電影“ Titanic 泰坦尼克號”傑克犧牲自己的生活,因為他愛的女人,為了他並指示她生命長壽和繁榮!

       When I look at the cross of Calvary and every pain that the Lord has suffer for me and forgive all my sins and wrongs, as I claimed my life and tell the devils to take his hands of my body as my Lord has purchased me with His precious blood, I felt relief and sense a freedom just release from the strongholds of pain and sickness. Jesus gave himself for us as a friend, brother or lover. No one has ever exhibit such a love to me in my whole life. 當我看到在各各他的十字架,而主有苦對我來說,原諒我所有的罪過和錯誤,因為我宣稱我的生活,告訴惡魔把他的手我的身體是我的主已與購買我的每一個他的痛苦寶貴的鮮血,我覺得救災和感知自由剛剛從痛苦和疾病的據點釋放。耶穌捨己。我們作為一個朋友,兄弟或者愛人。從來沒有人表現出我的整個生命這樣一個對我的愛。

Isaiah 以賽亞書 53:5 KJV "  But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed."哪 知 他 為 我 們 的 過 犯 受 害 , 為 我 們 的 罪 孽 壓 傷 。 因 他 受 的 刑 罰 , 我 們 得 平 安 ; 因 他 受 的 鞭 傷 , 我 們 得 醫 治 。

         During midnight, I woke up and felt much pain and empty in my stomach. I took a cup of warm honey and rest on the chair for sometime and meditate on God's words and I fell asleep at the sofa.
at 3 am, my husband wake up and find me at the living room, he ask me to back to bed, I told him I need another cup of drink, as my body is so much dehydrated, but when my second cup when down to my throats, my chest felt funny and I started to vomit out all the food including light lunch. Then I lay my body down to bed and rest, my husband felt the God's presence and he asked me just relax and he said, " God is going to heal you! "


          My body started to shake like never before, the feeling like electric current is going back and fore in my body...... I can not stop shaking, I felt the embrace of the Lord, my body pains started to left me one after another. I was being embrace and healed by the Lord for more than one hour. My husband also receive God's healing on his leg pain. My body was being renew, fresh and healthy. No pain at all in any part. I am feel with joy of the Lord and sense tremendous love from my maker. There is none like You, no one ever love me like You do !!! O Lord, thank you for not giving up on me and thank you and thank you for holding me and healing me when I am weak. 

          Next morning, after breakfast. My Lord talk to my husband about having a break in Kuala Lumpur and stay at Traders hotels ~ Shangri-la next to K.L.C.C. After booking a deluxe room via the internet, we left home with much joy of the Lord. " Obedient is better than sacrifice ". Jesus' agape love shown by His sacrifice his life on the cross and he never please or ask us to sacrifice to show our life, our love for him ...... will never, never be enough  !!! ...... His favor and blessings is following us all day long as we check into the hotel. The reception and front desk gave us grant me a free upgrade to Traders city view suite room upon our request for late check out till 3pm. I was drilled by the elegant room design and the size of the suit room, love it so much..... thank you O Lord ! He has shown his marvelous love in my bad time and good time. His embracing love never stop after the healing. I request some flower, Rachel, a lady who served us at the front desk gave me a small bouquet of red daisy. so sweet ! In the late evening, hotel buggy drive us to Kuala Lumpur Twin tower which is just 2-3 minutes drive away from the hotel, we were there enjoy the show of fountain dancing with so many beautiful colors !
      第二天早上,早飯後。我的上帝跟我的丈夫預訂在吉隆坡休息,並留在商貿飯店 - 香格里拉。後通過互聯網預訂豪華客房,我們離開家,主的太多的喜悅。 “聽話勝於獻祭”。顯示耶穌神的愛通過他的犧牲他的生命在十字架上,他從來沒有取悅或要求我們犧牲展現我們的生活,我們對他的愛將永遠是不夠的......他的祝福是繼我們,因為我們檢查進入酒店。接待處和前台給了我們給予我免費升級到國貿城市景觀套房在我們要求延遲退房至下午3點。我鑽了典雅的客房設計和西裝房間的大小,喜歡它這麼多.....謝謝主啊!他已經顯示了他非凡的愛在我的不好的時候,良好的時間。他擁抱愛的愈後永不止步。我要求一些花,雷切爾,一位女士誰擔任我們在前台給了我一個小一束紅色的菊花。如此甜蜜!在晚上,酒店的車送我們去吉隆坡雙塔是只有2-3分鐘車程,從酒店,我們在那裡盡情展現舞蹈噴泉與這麼多美麗的色彩!

          Except the food, and toilet we do have some great time, enjoying the suite room stay, spent much time with God in praying for the hotels staff , reaching out by passing some gospel. And we meet the director of Food and Beverage who is also a child of God, who then prepare a European/ Italian style of fine dinning because we did not enjoy much during breakfast. If the Lord want me to share more....... I may share in later days for our next return to Traders hotel~ Shangri-la, a complimentary suite stay by the hotel General Manager. 

          Stay faithful and stay focus when you are called to serve the King of kings, His rewards is  impossible to measure even started from earth till you reach heaven. All by His grace and all Glory, power and honor belong to our King or kings and Lord of Lords. 

Stay Bless with His favour, love and blessings,
Apostolic Prophetic minister,
Cassandra Liu

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