Saturday, April 18, 2015

Embraced by the love of King of Kings (I)

被萬王之王的愛擁抱 (I)
Embraced by the love of King of Kings (I)
Satanic attacked

                 Just one week ago, same hour ,same morning, same place in my own home, I was facing tremendous of chess / heart pain.  The pain is unbearable, I felt hard to breath, this things started suddenly on sometime on Saturday ( a day before ). I could not rest in the night, my chest pain like facing death threaten ...... I could not take in any solid food, not even biscuit or chocolate drink (Milo) even though my was feeling hungry and pain started to go down to my stomach. I can only drink honey. I vomited few times, every time after I took in some kind of food like noodle or biscuit.  My beloved husband was praying for me and he insisted that I will be to strong and I need to fight this spiritual battle myself, he has identified it is a " Spiritual Attacked from the devils". 

                My body was weak since last night, I was only able to sit or lay down. As I was praying , I heard a voice said, " Satanic worship " , A recognition came to my understanding that this worship is sending out spiritual attacked direct toward me and my body.
             我的身體是疲弱的,我只能坐著或躺著. 因為前一個晚上,當我在祈禱,聽到一個聲音說,“撒旦崇拜”的一種認可,我的理解是,這種崇拜是發送指向我,我的身體的精神攻擊。

              My tears kept rolling down as I bear the pain and pray against this attacked, words started to came to my mind, " heart attacked ", " food poison ", " you are going to dead ". I rebuke them and replied back " By Jesus' stripes , I am healed." I told my Lord, " I needed your embrace !" I also told my husband everything words which I heard, He also praying beside me and slaying in the spiritual realm. This attacked is REAL !!!! After breakfast time, I told my husband, I can bear this no more, ( My body refused to take in any food except honey for more than 24 hours. ) I felt like I am going to die, my husband rebuke me to say those words and he quickly asked to to apology to the Lord. Hospital is located quite a distance from our home, as we don't have car, unless we get some neighbor to help us ....... my husband did suggest that we walk down the hill slowly to nearby clinic, but I refuse because I don't know whether I will be fainted half way. I felt hopeless, pain, weak in the same time. 

               我的眼淚不停地滾落下來,因為我承受的痛苦和祈禱反對這種攻擊,言語開始來到我的腦海裡,“心臟攻擊”,“食物中毒”,“你會死的。”我就責備那些聲音他們,我告訴上帝,“我需要你的懷抱!”,這攻擊是 " REAL " !!!!早餐後的時候,我告訴我的丈夫,我能承受更多的,(我的身體顧不得除了蜜為超過24小時的任何食物。)我覺得我要死了,我老公責備我說的那些也就是說,他連忙主耶穌道歉。醫院位於我們的家相當距離,我們沒有車,除非我們得到了一些鄰居幫助.......我的丈夫建議我們慢慢下山附近的診所,但我拒絕,因為我不知道我是否會一半暈倒。同時我感到無望,疼痛,疲軟。

             My beloved then turn on the TV channel on you tube on God's healing hour, I was half rest and half sit on the chair and listen to the 1 hour preaching, healing and deliverance. The power of God started to hit both  my husband me and as the lady preacher Gloria Copeland releasing the WORDS OF GOD in her school of healing & the HEALING POWER FLOW....... I felt 50% better at noon. The chest pain has stop, but my stomach still painful. I told my husband I need go to the room and read the words of God. He handed me a book name " How to  hear God's VOICE ?" by Mark & Patti VIRKLER ( this book is an interactive learning and allow you experiencing God in the same time ).


Part II ~ Romance with the King of Kings

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