Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Credit card Fraud by Hotel( 信用卡詐騙新加坡酒店) Crowne Plaza, Changi Airport, Singapore

            On 14th of December 2012, we walked in and  checked into Crowne Plaza, Changi Airport hotel, Singapore for one night stay. Due to late hour check in (around 9:30-10 p.m.),the receptionist agreed to allow us to have late check out till 2 p.m. Before we check into our room, he asked me for my credit card and passport. the hotel staff only inform that we are staying and paying for the club room but he did not inform us that he is selling us the Executive club lounge facilities and charge us additional Singapore dollars 100+ on top of our club room.

            We were told that we have two choices of places for breakfast next morning, one is at the main hall and the other one is at 3rd floor the executive lounge. Happily we thought that the club room stay came together with the Luxury lounge not knowing we have to pay for it.

         Next afternoon, I requested two more hours extension due to some personal reason (i.e 4p.m.) After my husband came back from the city and meet me at the lounge, we went up again to Executive lounge for a short rest. And on checking out, the hotel staff Ahmad requested me to show him my credit card, and I asked him why last night they charge my card and today, I still need to show my card. He explained that last night they just did a record on my credit card and they only charge us officially when we are checking out.

       Two days after I come back to Malaysia, I called up my bank Citibank to verify the total spending on Singapore trip with all the different hotels stay, then I come across Crowne Plaza, Changi Airport, Singapore and  found out they have charged us twice with one night stay.

        I am reporting and sharing this because I believe there are many victims outside who are travelers or merely transiting at the airport might have been cheated and fraud charged, hoping and praying that the right authority will take action on behalf of us.

       Without noticing my credit card has been  fraud, on 16th of December evening, my husband and I went back to the hotel to visit a hotel staff at Executive Lounge who we have built a friendship during our stay, we were being treated rudely by the duty manager Mr. Daniel of the particular hotel. He rudely accused us for trespassing and threaten us for calling hotel securities and airport polices. We felt very disturbed and confronted the issue with Daniel, he arrogantly reply to us by given many excuses. They also put us aside, and ask us to sit down for quite sometime, I now requested the Crowne Plaza, Changi Airport hotel to give an account on this issue for bad attitude and behavior for up setting customers.

This is true,
Prophetess Cassandra LAI

2012年12月14日,我們走了進來,簽入,新加坡樟宜機場皇冠假日酒店,酒店住宿一晚。由於晚檢查在(約9:30-10晚上),接待人員同意讓我們已經延遲退房時間至下午2點之前,我們檢查到我們的房間,他問我,我的信用卡和護照。酒店的工作人員告知,我們下榻,並支付俱樂部的房間,但他並沒有告知我們,他是賣我們的行政俱樂部酒廊設施,並收取額外新幣100 +上我們俱樂部的房間。






Cassandra LAI

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