Monday, August 20, 2012

Seeking God in worship


          As we assemble to worship God together as a body of believers, our duty is to express our love for God, sing about His greatness and goodness, if possible LOUDLY. Yes, there is a place and time for quite corporate assembly. The time of assembling together in worship is a time of loud praises and spontaneous “breakout” worship that mark us as Pentecostals. Bear in mind, the music teams and the worship leaders, we are just a mean to raise up the spirit of worship within the congregation, we are not there to let the group focus on us rather put their focus onto our mighty God … tuning down the volume of loud speakers so that the voice of church can be heard.




            We are to place high value on which is ushered in by engaging, sincere and exuberant worship. As worshipers, we desire to see prophecies, word of knowledge and wisdom, faith, miracles, repentance, forgiveness, etc. In other words, we want to see God's presence break into our reality. The Supernatural into our natural, the Eternal into our temporal. Past history and sincere worship preceded the Spirit's move in that place, with the people receiving calls to ministry, infused with passion to serve, to intercede, and to do extraordinary things for God.



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