Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Godly women

Godly women         

             What a person wears and how they wear it reflect upon their devotion to the Lord and therefore the rule is to be modest. As Jesus stated in Matthew 5:16 "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

            A woman who dresses to draw attention to her is revealing that her heart is full of pride. Often women dress not only to impress the men, but also to impress other women. They dress to "show off" their beauty, clothes, figure with the intent to show them superior to other women. By their actions such women show their hearts are cold and they have no love or concern for the feelings of others.

           We come to church to worship the Lord Sunday morning, Sunday night and at Bible Study. Our appearance in public or in church can honor God or dishonor Him by dishonoring ourselves. A godly woman will not bring attention to her own self, but dress and live to show her faith in the Lord. Christ is to have the preeminence in her life and that preeminence should stand out. Her love of the Lord will have the first place in her life and she will not do things that will destroy her testimony or send the wrong message about her relationship with the Lord. She dishonors herself or her husband by inappropriate behavior that is out of line with her God given role as a wife and Christian.

            Women should ask themselves: "Does my clothing and my actions indicate an inward desire to worship God?" "Does it honor God?" "Does it stand out or is it inappropriate for the occasion?" "Does it reflect godliness or worldliness?" "Does it show that I love and respect my husband and am not interested in other men?"

            No one who does not live what they profess has no influence or credibility with someone they are trying to win to the Lord. Actions speak louder than words. If a Christian lives like the world does and is not faithful to the Lord they, by their behavior, are telling people they are a hypocrite. They send the message that the Gospel is only something that is to be feigned. They are outwardly claiming to be something that clearly they are not. Their life style then does not present God's truth and the true life changing affect of the Gospel.

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